Z Nation - Season 2 [DVD]

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Actors: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Keith Allan, Anastasia BaranovaFormat: Box set, PALLanguage: EnglishNumber of discs: 4Classification: 18Studio: Spirit Entertainment LimitedDVD Release Date: 22 Feb. 2016Run Time: 675 minutes...


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Actors: Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova
Format: Box set, PAL
Language: English
Number of discs: 4
Classification: 18
Studio: Spirit Entertainment Limited
DVD Release Date: 22 Feb. 2016
Run Time: 675 minutes

Product Description

Season Two of Z Nation is bigger, louder and crazier than season one. After Citizen Z broadcasts Murphy's identity and offers a fake bounty from the CDC to get him to California safely, the whole world seems to be after 'The Murphy'.

Barely surviving the nuclear blasts, Warren and our heroes pursue Murphy East and South, avoiding the fallout. This season's journey sees them battle a variety of new zombies; Radioactive Blaster Zombies, Phyto-Zombies used for growing Z-Weed, Alien Zombies from Roswell, Zombie Animals, and of course, another Zombie Baby!

Some favourite characters from Season One will die along the way in surprisingly emotional episodes. Meanwhile several new characters join the apocalypse this season. A mysterious Bounty Hunter with a deadly secret, named Vasquez, will become a reluctant member of the team. In addition our heroes will have a new season-long nemesis, Escorpion, (Emillio Rivera from Sons of Anarchy) the leader of a surviving drug cartel called the Zeros, who are after Murphy's blood for their own purposes.

Will our heroes get Murphy to California? Find out in the 15-episode Season 2 of Z Nation.

'Z Nation is an insane, hi-octane gorefest that'll go to town on your funny bone via your adrenal gland, and whisk your brain away on holiday to the outer reaches of imagination.' - Den of Geek.

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