Barbie Princess Box Set [DVD]

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Directors: Greg Richardson, William LauProducers: Shea WagemanFormat: Box set, PALLanguage: EnglishNumber of discs: 4Classification: UStudio: Universal Pictures UKDVD Release Date: 12 Nov. 2012 Product Description A four-volume collection of Barbie...


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Directors: Greg Richardson, William Lau
Producers: Shea Wageman
Format: Box set, PAL
Language: English
Number of discs: 4
Classification: U
Studio: Universal Pictures UK
DVD Release Date: 12 Nov. 2012

Product Description

A four-volume collection of Barbie adventures. In 'The Island Princess' (2007), Barbie (voice of Kelly Sheridan) plays Rosella, who as a little girl was shipwrecked and grew up with a family of loving animals: Sagi, the red panda; Azul, the peacock and Tika, the baby elephant. After being discovered by Prince Antonio (Alessandro Juliani), Rosella and her animal friends journey with him to his castle, where they uncover a plot to take over his kingdom. In 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' (2006), Barbie stars as Princess Genevieve, who, along with her eleven dancing princess sisters, discovers a secret entrance to an amazing, magical world where wishes come true. But when their father is in danger of losing his kingdom, Princess Genevieve and her sisters must work together in order to save the day. In 'The Magic of Pegasus' (2005), Barbie plays fairytale princess Annika. Escaping from the clutches of an evil wizard, she explores the magical cloud kingdom and meets Brietta, a Pegasus horse, who can help her save her parents and her sister. Finally, in 'The Princess and the Pauper' (2004), Barbie takes the title role in this musical computer-animated retelling of the story by Mark Twain. Anneliese is a princess who is bored of being confined to royal life. Betrothed to be married to King Dominick (Mark Hildreth) in the neighbouring kingdom, she determines to see a bit of life outside the castle walls before the wedding, and ventures out into the city with her tutor, Julian (Juliani).

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